My Life with God

Growth Spurts

photo-1436221324040-e01b22d986c1We’ve all heard of growing pains. We’ve all had growing pains.

They’re not just physical.

Growing pains go along with…well, growth. And sometimes that growth comes in spurts.

I’ve had some spiritual growth spurts recently, and I can assure you, there was a bit of pain that accompanied those spurts.

I don’t think growth is always painful. Sometimes, it’s a slow process. With a steady consistency, we might not notice much of the growth until we pause to look back at how we’ve changed. (We can also not notice a slow decline that ends up placing us somewhere we never intended to go.)

But other times, something creates enough pain, discomfort, or displacement that we shift. We either try to avoid the pain and often miss out on what we can learn, or we open our eyes to consider the possibilities of healing. We open our heart to the pruning and strengthening process. We learn to let some things go and to let some things grow. And that process, as challenging and unsettling as it might be at the time, helps us step into the light and walk with an assurance that helps us face what is to come…which will always involve yet another growing pain!

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