My Life with God

Surprise Love

photo-1516967124798-10656f7dca28I walked into my house and found a rose and card.

It was Valentine’s Day, not a day I have ever emphasized. I’ve had fun with it through the years, but it was never a mandatory “must celebrate” holiday.

But when I saw that rose, I sobbed. Not out of sadness but out of gratitude. A friend had left it for me to find when I came home from work. It had a sweet, personal note inside the card.

I am loved. Not because I received a surprise on a specific day but because I have friends who frequently remind me I am loved in a variety of ways.

Be careful how you measure love. Try not to make it about someone jumping through hoops for you. Try to make it less about yourself and what you get out of it and more about your relationships and how God fits into them.

He will bless you abundantly with his love as you allow him. And he’ll bring some loving people into your life along the journey.


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