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Focus or Forget

photo-1503551723145-6c040742065bI typically have a good memory, but I am sure my focus and forgetfulness are directly related.

My co-worker lives in a town that has possibly-my-favorite pizza place. She often nonchalantly mentions going to the pizza place with her family, forgetting I don’t live close to one. It’s not a regular option for me. But recently, she surprised me by bringing me a frozen take-and-bake pizza. I didn’t even know it was an option from the pizza place!

It was a Friday – a perfect time for a pizza, because even if I didn’t fix it that night, I’d have it sometime over the weekend. But I forgot it. She even reminded me when she left, but I took a long phone call then rushed out the door and didn’t remember until I was sitting at a friend’s house that night.

During tax season, I work on Saturdays, so at least I was back in the office the next day. I admitted to my co-worker that I’d forgotten the pizza but reassured her I wouldn’t forget that day, because I planned to have it for lunch or supper on Sunday. When she got ready to leave, she reminded me, and I laughed, “I’m not going to forget it again! Of course, I said I wouldn’t forget it last night!”

I got ready to leave within ten minutes, yet I walked right by the freezer without remembering the pizza. I got to the back door and laughed. A series of sticky notes announced,

“Susan. Don’t. Forget. The. Pizza.”

My boss heard me laughing, so I removed the notes and shared the story with her. We started talking about something else for a couple minutes, then I started to scurry out the door again – without the pizza.


Don’t worry. I remembered before I walked out the door, and it was delicious.

When I lose focus, I forget stuff. We all do.

It wouldn’t have been a huge deal to forget the pizza, but there are some things we need to remember well, which means we need to focus well. And there are a lot of things we focus on that don’t need or deserve our focus. They become distractions.

Focus on the right things today. Remember well.

Sticky notes help.

2 thoughts on “Focus or Forget”

  1. Hi Susan,

    I remember us meeting back a few years ago when you were our guest speaker for a leadership webcast in Toronto. That was such a great day of learning. It was just yesterday that I was talking to someone and that event came up in conversation. I read your inspirational posts every day. Just thought I would touch base because today’s made me smile, in particular the last line “Sticky notes help”. My ministry very much involves planning women’s ministries events and at the office they often call me the “sticky note queen!” There are always sticky notes on my desk and in my planning folders with things to remember, etc. They really help me keep organized. While to others it appears messy, for me it keeps me focused.

    Thank you for you sharing.


    Jennifer Reid Major Divisional Secretary for Women’s Ministries Divisional Retired Officers’ Secretary Newfoundland and Labrador Division

    The Salvation Army PO Box 91 430 Topsail Rd. St. John’s, NL A1E 4N1 Phone: 709 579 2022 ext. 2242 Fax: 709 576 7034 Cell: 709 631 8680 E-mail:


    1. Hello! That was such an inspiring event and concept, and I’ve thought of all of you often and pray your ministries continue to grow! Of course, using sticky notes each step of the way. 🙂



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