My Life with God

Tough Conversations

photo-1540810089123-505cadb59539Caleb Kaltenback tweeted,

If you refuse to have tough conversations:

  1. Toxic feelings will increase.
  2. The problem will become more complex.
  3. Conversations will be even more difficult.

Stop the toxicity, everyone. Your comfort of avoiding confrontation is not worth the cost of respect and relationship.

Tough conversations are…tough. But your relationships are worth it. If you float through conversations to appease yourself and others, you will find your relationships are aimlessly floating. Commitment takes effort. It takes humility. It takes courage.

Are the people you love worth it?

You might be rejected. You might be yelled at. You might be changed and eventually much closer to someone. We think we can stay closer to someone if we avoid issues that might come between us. But unspoken words and confrontation often build solid walls between us. Just because we don’t talk about the walls doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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