My Life with God

Becoming Real

52883917_2184854794891443_306373284377657344_nThe Velveteen Rabbit was the first book my ex and I bought for our family. We had talked about sharing a life together, but we had no real plans in place.

Until that night.

We bought a beautiful hardcover copy of The Velveteen Rabbit. Later that evening, my ex proposed. It was unplanned and casual, but it was still special. It was almost three decades ago, and I still have the book.

Becoming Real in the book isn’t identical to real life, but there are similarities. In real life, it’s becoming authentic. It’s becoming increasingly humble, willing to be transparent with people and doing life in ways that are wonderful and challenging. It’s letting love seep into your life and pouring it into others.

Becoming Real doesn’t automatically happen. We think as people get older, they’ll get wiser, more generous, at peace with themselves and their lives, compassionate, and loving. But some people become more selfish, stubborn, and bitter. Becoming Real demands a yielding, a search, and a myriad of choices.

Some fall apart in the process. Others become more Real.

What are you becoming?

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