My Life with God

Good Thing Someone Can

part0When I moved out of the house I’d shared with my ex, a friend bought me a plant as a housewarming gift. We didn’t see each other often, but we’d recently reconnected through my job at the time. She brought the plant to my office. It was around St. Patrick’s Day, and the plant was a shamrock.

It looked delicate, and I was sure I’d kill it. I’m horrible with plants.

I decided to leave it at the office, so perhaps someone else would notice when it wasn’t doing well.

Sure enough. It almost died. It looked pitiful, and I handed it over to a couple of my office-mates, who moved it to another room. It began to bounce back from my lack of proper care.

They sent me a picture of it recently. It’s huge and healthy!

We can’t be good at everything. I’m for trying new things and stretching what I believe I can do. I’m for learning. I love adventures. But I also believe it’s important to trust and rely on others. It might seem like a small thing, but I’m thankful for the people in my life who can do things I can’t, who live life well by complementing others.

Thanks for the gifts you bring to my life!


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