My Life with God

Show Me Your Provision

photo-1534953342533-7711c98712beA friend who has gone through trials, heartache, and transitions the past couple years said she is asking God “for eyes to see His provision.” She trusts God as her provider, but she senses the need to see his provision.

I get it. We ask God to provide. We trust God to provide. We thank him when we receive his provision – as we expect it – but what about when we don’t recognize it? We often miss his provision because we have narrow vision. He often provides just outside our comfortable field of vision.

We need to look around better. God provides in ways beyond our imagination. We won’t always connect the dots but that doesn’t negate his provision. Whether he delays, distracts, blinds, redirects, pushes, strengthens, or weakens, he provides. He weaves our lives with others, simultaneously providing in many ways for many people. He is a master weaver.

We might not be comfortable (or aware) of his method or timing, but we can still acknowledge his presence and be grateful.

After all, who he is defines our relationship with God not what he does for us from our selfish (and limited) perspective.

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