My Life with God

Clear The Air


My daughter recommended an essential oil blend called Clear the Air. It’s perfect for work. I add a few drops every morning to the stone my sister gave me, and my area smells fresh. Clean air isn’t the result of just what we release into the air but also what we absorb from the air. We can mist, spray, and plug in all kinds of air fresheners, but if we don’t get rid of the source of the smelly stuff and absorb the impurities, we’re just covering up.

It’s a temporary fix of covering the stench instead of clearing the air. We take the same approach in life at times. We think if we ignore the yuck in life, including the impact of our choices or the discomfort of tough conversations and confrontation, we can smile, revisit good memories, and try to move on with good efforts, but the stench of rot remains. It infects what’s around it and attracts other annoyances that add to the yuck.

Clearing the air isn’t simple. It takes time and effort and a lot of honesty and humility. In the context of relationships, clearing the air isn’t just one person venting. It is mutual sharing, listening, and healing. It is respect and cooperation.

It is purifying and freeing.

Clearing the air makes space for goodness and truth to permeate the atmosphere and relationship. It won’t ever be void of imperfections, but the hard prep work and follow through invites joy into the atmosphere.

We walk a bit lighter and breathe a bit easier.

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