My Life with God

Today’s Weather

photo-1531039929930-7d5632bbeefdStrong winds, drenching rains, freezing temperatures, brilliant sunshine, and a few snow flurries. That pretty much describes weather in central Illinois the past few weeks.

My friends in Colorado, Texas, and Nebraska, as well as many other places, have had equally confusing weather that impacts travel, schedules, and attitudes.

A friend and I determined we need to build a beach. But moving an ocean to the middle of the country seemed a bit daunting, and we decided an ocean or gulf or other significant body of water that soothingly laps the shoreline and glistens at us as we sit nearby is important to us.

So much for that long-winter therapy idea.

Spring is coming. Well, it’s technically here. The weather simply doesn’t agree at times.

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply hope for a future change. And I’m not just referring to weather.

Part of hope is anticipating future change, and part of hope is yielding today as part of that change. We have to do what we can today to yield our attitudes and responses into our tomorrows. There’s no magical morning when you’ll wake up and all you’ve hoped for exists. But yielding and hoping along the way leans into changes.

The weather is what it is today. You will deal with it by adjusting what you wear, where you go, and how you get there.

Lean into your day in the same way. Adjust throughout the day. Let God use today to prepare you for tomorrow. When your hope focuses on him and you trust him in every today, you’ll find joy grows. And so do you.

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