My Life with God

Surrounded By Sickness

photo-1516126491303-6f54240c8491This season of sickness has been a lot. It’s been everywhere. I work in an office where everyone is generally healthy. Not this year. The yuck spread throughout the building, and because it’s an “all hands on deck” season, everyone needs to be in the office. And that includes their germs. I used a plethora of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer, but I still joined the club of sickness I’d have rather avoided. There were days sitting at my desk when I’d hear a symphony of coughs and gravelly voices, and I wanted to build a bubble to crawl into. Being surrounded by sickness felt oppressive and wearying.

It’s similar to spiritual warfare where everything seems infectious – and not in a good way. Sometimes it’s subtle and sneaky, barely detectable yet still corrosive. When it is more consuming and pervasive, it can feel suffocating.

Just like working in an office of sickness, spiritual sickness can seem inevitable. We might want to find a bubble to crawl into, but our protection isn’t that simple or obvious. Spiritual fights require spiritual trust, including the process of redemption. We will sometimes become sick as part of the process. We will struggle and question. We will feel overwhelmed. But our feelings don’t define a situation. Truth does. Our temporary position of being surrounding by sickness, whether physical or spiritual, is a snapshot of our journeys.

Trust God to give you the immunity and weapons to get well, have courage, and build strength.

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