My Life with God

Ankle Deep

3cccb3d357c3051343f1dae070ba66beI left my daughter’s house as the rain fell harder. I couldn’t see well as I walked to the back of my vehicle to load something. I didn’t realize I was near the edge of the concrete until my entire foot was immersed in a puddle.

I like splashing in puddles, but now when it’s a surprise! I lifted my foot and watched the water drip off all edges of my shoe.

And I laughed.

Life is like that sometimes. At the end of a great day, the rain settles into the dark and obscures the annoying puddle. And the day ends with shoe full of water. But actually, the day didn’t end there. I drove home, rerouted because of an accident, played with my dog, exercised, and relaxed.

It was a good day.

Ankle deep doesn’t have to be blown out of proportion as if we are in over our head. One wet foot doesn’t throw a wet blanket over us.

Annoyances don’t need to define our experiences.

When we keep it in perspective, we often find a chance to laugh…or at least smile for a moment.

2 thoughts on “Ankle Deep”

  1. I agree. I try to find joy in the simple things. Just this morning, I couldn’t find the television remote control. I like to watch t.v. during breakfast. Silly me. It was right in front of me, on the floor. haha! I had to laugh out loud as I kept searching and searching for the remote control. I knew there was a lesson from God in the situation. 🙂

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