My Life with God

Resting Awake

photo-1468343966296-e9b4b71804ffI arrived home late after a long but fun day with family and friends. Perhaps I should have gone to bed right away, but I didn’t. I rarely do when I get home late.

There’s something about ending the day with some down time, simply savoring home.

Home looks different for many of us, but in this season of my life, home is quiet and grounding. I am not there many hours of the day, but it helps me reset. It is a safe place where I can breathe, relax, and be grateful. I am there by myself, but that’s okay. The last weeks I shared a house with my ex were volatile, and being able to have a space that was safe and filled with God’s reassurance began to heal me. And continues.

Not every home feels that way. I understand.

Try to savor moments when it is as if a reset button is clicked, and you can breathe for a moment.

I slept very few hours that night, but sometimes rest comes when eyes are wide open.

Ask God to reset you today. It might be uncomfortable at first as you adjust to a shifting experience of what home can be. Be patient. Be intentional. Be grateful.

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