Divorce, My Life with God


photo-1489575623533-95058aaa3685How do we assess compatibility? I remember my ex saying, as he checked out of the marriage, we had never been compatible. Of course, after over 25 years, I knew that wasn’t true, but it still stung. And I wondered, “What is compatibility?” And what is it not?

It’s not a perfect partnership. It’s not feeling as if you’re always on the same page. It’s not a constant agreement with someone. It’s not an easy path of doing what we want when we want. It’s not always convenient. But it’s a shared commitment to do life together. We can be compatible with a spouse, sibling, friend, coworker, etc. We can stick with them, allow ourselves to be accountable and stretched. We can be affirmed and challenged. We can be taught, and we can teach. We can lead, and we can follow. We can give and take.

We can also give up and walk away.

We can stay for the wrong reasons and season and leave for the wrong reasons and season. We can also stay and look for opportunities and learn along the way. We can fight to help one another through. We can be honest with ourselves and others. We can be respectful.

Compatibility is often a choice of our response and perspective.

When you consider compatibility in your life right now, refuse to see only those with whom you are most comfortable or familiar. Who else do you commit to do life with during this season? How can you grow in truth and respect in the relationship?

It’s worth the effort.


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