My Life with God

Keep Sweeping

photo-1524420533980-5fe0aecc5fe6I decided to quickly sweep my garage before running a few errands. Only a few leaves, dirt, and straw scattered across the floor, but I thought it wise to sweep it on a nice day before the weather turned cold again.

I moved across the floor, building the pile as I got close to the open garage door. Just as I was about ready to sweep it all out the door, a wind blew into the garage and scattered nearly all I’d gathered.


I paused for a moment, then chuckled and started again. I kept everything to the side this time to protect it from wind gusts, and I quickly and successfully finished my cleaning.

So many times, we think we’ve got a handle on things, but a wind gust scatters our efforts. We can get frustrated and dwell on the inconvenience, or we can persevere.

Whatever gets in your way today and disorders what you try to make sense of, persevere. Keep sweeping. Change your approach, guard your efforts, and take it one step at a time.


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