My Life with God

Growing Up Traditions

photo-1556224692-27f5675d9788I recently wrote about revisiting the tradition of Easter bread. We reached into the past and brought forward another tradition, updating it a bit this year.

Only a handful of family members could get together for Easter. When all the grandkids were young, my mom put together fun Easter egg hunts. There was always some kind of creativity infused into them. Several times, she put small slips of paper in the eggs, so when the kids opened their eggs, they had a stack of numbers. Mom spread a variety of small, inexpensive prizes on the table, and starting with the grandchild who had the number one, each Easter egg gatherer chose his or her prizes.

We don’t have a bunch of kids who are old enough for an Easter egg hunt in our family right now, but we have several who would still enjoy a fun hunt. So, I brought the tradition forward and planned an adult Easter egg hunt. I spread them out over a large area. Everyone found eggs with numbers in them. Plus, there were a half dozen golden eggs. I spread a bunch of prizes across the table, and we took turns choosing from practical and silly items. The golden egg prizes were bonus prizes from another stack.

I don’t think we’ll do it every year, but it was fun for this year. The weather was gorgeous, the group was small, and the memories were good – the ones from past years and the new ones we made this year.

Look back, and look forward. Grow up your memories.

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