My Life with God

Pay Attention to the Path

photo-1555202926-4703eaa1fa74I saw a young friend walking out of the gym as I headed toward the door to start my workout. I hadn’t seen him in a while, so I hollered from a distance and asked him how he was.

“Not great.”

I walked toward him.

He started with a brief explanation but soon delved into the complexities. He was facing a lot. He wasn’t complaining. He was processing. He wasn’t asking for advice, but he needed encouragement.

I was thankful for God’s timing. Had I been a minute earlier or later, I likely wouldn’t have seen him. But because I did, I can follow up, and I can pray for him.

I know there are many people I miss throughout my day despite God’s efforts to collide our paths. Sometimes I’m inattentive.

Sometimes the interactions I need to have help someone else, and many times, the interactions encourage and challenge me. I don’t want to miss them. I want to pay attention when God times an interaction, and I want to pay attention when he wants me to keep my eyes forward and avoid a distraction in order to focus on the next interaction.

want him to determine my path.

Be alert today. There is someone who needs you.

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