My Life with God

Therapy Dough

photo-1517588166688-529a7f4dc7efOne of my best friends gave me therapy dough for my birthday. It smells refreshing. It feels comforting. It seems silly. I’m a grown-up. I don’t need to play with playdough to relax.

But it sure is fun.

I can squeeze it and shape it. I can create with it.

It’s mesmerizing. Just seeing the jar on my counter prompts a smile. It’s a reminder to enjoy the small delights of the day. To never think I’m too old for silliness. To avoid the tendency to downplay the tension in my life. To bring a bit of therapy dough into everyday life with others.

We can share silliness and joy. We can invite creativity into our routines. We can call out tension and highlight gratefulness.

Your day has small delights sprinkled throughout it. Look for them. Pick them up and savor them. Let the small grins brighten your day.

And share with others.

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