My Life with God

Our Honor

photo-1546641082-b3c3d4bfae25What we fail to honor will eventually exit our lives.

That can be a good thing. There are things we honor too much that need to be taken from our lives. We worship the wrong people and things. They might not even be bad things. We might just have our perspective out of whack, focusing on our own or someone else’s comfort or achievements more than seeing and focusing on truth.

We overemphasize some things that need less or different attention, and we under-emphasize things that need we need to cultivate.

Today is a good day to consider what you honor – not just want you think you honor or hope to honor but what your daily life, decisions, priorities, actions, and words reveal. Is that on track with where you want to go and who you want to become, consistent with the character and values you admire and strive for?

Refuse to justify. It’s only when we take an honest look at our lives that we can grow and determine whom we are trusting to help us as we grow.

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