My Life with God

One Letter

photo-1528752539854-fbf68419b935There is only one small letter difference between these two words, but there is a world of difference between what they can do to our lives:

Destress and Distress

Sometimes we focus on de-stressing our lives or distressing about our lives. We know which we are focused on even if we don’t want to admit it. Even more often than these times of focus are the subtle choices we make as we decide how to respond, what to schedule, who to listen to, and what to retreat from. Even in the small choices of everyday life, we de-stress or distress. We might blame others. We might rationalize. We might distance ourselves and try to avoid the truth. However we respond to what we’re facing today will lead us into de-stressing or distressing. And the difference between the two might be a subtle adjustment.

Perhaps you need an adjustment today. Big or small, make the change.

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