My Life with God

An Edited Life

download.jpgMost of the months of this year have involved stages of editing my recent book. This book went through a variety of editing stages. I handed it off to others early in the process, because I needed truth checks and gauges as to whether or not it was communicating what (and how) I felt prompted to share.

Handing something so personal off to others for edits is a vulnerable experience. It was probably the most personal thing I’d ever published, but while I felt vulnerable throughout the process, I also felt comforted. Because the editing process can be clarifying. I authentically put myself out there, willing to receive truth from others, and it was oddly comforting, because I was seeking truth. No matter what the response, I would listen to truth and take the next steps – whether it was what I had planned or not – with humility and courage.

As I let others edit the book, I remembered how crucial inviting God to edit my life is. It’s a constant yielding. It’s consistently remembering who I am and what my relationship with God involves. It is an ever-deepening trust that he will not fail me. He knows, and he cares.

So, I started frequently praying, “God, edit my life.”

So many of us don’t want to see all the red correction marks on our papers and projects, let alone our lives. But with God, those marks aren’t to put us down or harshly grade us. God points out what needs to change in order to purpose everything in our lives, including our willingness to choose him through even the tough stuff.

If you’re bold enough, ask him to edit your life. You might not be comfortable through the process, but you’ll be better.

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