My Life with God

Rich Morning

photo-1558509825-97fd4feedd88I drove to a nearby town on a Saturday morning. It was a beautiful morning, but it wasn’t the beauty around me that I noticed. It was the richness around me.

I’m not talking about being in a wealthy neighborhood. The town I entered is generally lower middle class by our society’s standards. But our society isn’t the end all of standards.

…I was driving a car dozens of miles and wasn’t concerned about its reliability.

…I was driving the speed limit on relatively well-paved roads.

…I wasn’t concerned about my safety as far as war-focused or revengeful people.

…I wasn’t hungry, and if I would have been, I had options and the means to get something to eat.

I could make a long list of the many things I don’t have. I could share what some of my neighbors have that I don’t have, places my social media friends have visited this summer that I won’t visit, snapshots of “if only I could afford…”

But why?

As I drove that morning, I was not only overwhelmed with gratitude but I considered the context of my life. Each of us can focus on what we don’t have or what we wish we could have. And there’s nothing wrong with having goals, as long as we keep them in a healthy perspective. We can find contentment and still want change in our lives, but what kind of change do we strive for, and what are our attitudes while in the process of growing?

Check you motivations for striving before you miss out on the wealth of your day.

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