My Life with God

How Often?


It’s an important word in this graphic.

Because withdrawing from a problem doesn’t usually solve the problem. Walking away can certainly be important for protection and safety. That’s important. But walking away from a problem doesn’t solve the problem. The problem still exists. When it’s safe to stay involved in the situation, it might be the only way to have an impact and make a difference.

There is a lot going on around you today. Some things you might need to get away from, at least for a season. But some things you might be running from for the wrong reasons. Perhaps you’re annoyed or frustrated. Perhaps it’s just easier to pretend an issue doesn’t exist. It might be easier to blame someone else. You might not be able to completely solve a problem, but be intentional about your motives for investing or walking away. Whether the problem has ethical, relational, spiritual, political, or other implications, choose well.

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