My Life with God

Sometimes. Not Always.

photo-1514832926019-2c0dd4b55227Someone recently sent me a message after reading one of my blog posts, and she commented how much she appreciates my continual yielding to God’s leading.

Well, let me just say that I fight to focus on God. At times it feels peaceful and secure and other times it’s a struggle. I’m content in my fight to focus on God, because he has proven his character to me. I appreciated the person’s comment, but it made me pause. Because do I yield well to God’s leading? Do I focus on him?

Sometimes. Perhaps most of the time. Definitely not always.

I settled into thinking about it even more, and I determined it’s not so much a focus on him that I want and strive for; it’s a yielding to. It requires a constant choice, and that choice certainly doesn’t come easy to me at times.

I want you to know that.

You are not alone in your struggles.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes. Not Always.”

  1. Hi: really like your use of the word “yielding”. Altho I too, would like to think I’m “constantly” turning all over to God, it is impossible. But “yielding” feels like possibility, a leaning into, acceptance, letting go as I lean upon His chest. That feels good!

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