My Life with God


photo-1459347268516-3ed71100e718Insecurity is a robber.
It will rob you of joy.
It will rob you of peace.
It will rob you of relationships.
It will rob you of generosity.
It will rob you of freedom.
It will rob you of fruitfulness.
It will rob you of purpose.
It will rob others of the real you.

I agree with the tweet above, yet it prompted me to think a bit more deeply.

Because it’s phrased in the negative, I considered the flip side. So, what will not rob us of these things? The opposite of insecurity is security. Yet trusting the wrong things for our security is deceptive, and false security is also a robber. If we’re not careful, we set ourselves up for robbery of the very things we seek in life. The security we might think we have might be elusive.

Perhaps other opposites of insecurity to consider are confidence or even pride. Yet these are twists on true security as well. In whom is our confidence placed? How does pride get in our way and create barriers to authentic living?

Sit with it for a few moments. Consider what you believe about security and how secure those beliefs truly are.

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