My Life with God

Creative Consistency

photo-1510861320402-285a6c7639eaCreative consistency seems to be an oxymoron, perhaps because we view consistency as sameness. But consistency isn’t repeating something over and over. It is not just a habit.

Consistency is something more underlying.

It is a deep dependability that strings together moments, character, and responses. We can certainly be creative in our moments, character, and responses.

Sometimes consistency even invites creativity. Because of underlying dependability, we are free to explore possibilities, variety, and expression…when consistency is healthy.

When it’s not healthy, what seems dependable hinders our creativity because we become trapped in our compromised health. Compromised consistency squashes creativity. Perhaps you don’t believe you can be creative, because you aren’t artistic. That isn’t true. Consider the creativity of problem-solving, word choice, organization, intention, and relating. When you have a dependable base, you sense freedom to explore within secure boundaries.

Consider your consistency today.

What about your consistency do you need to improve?

How are you relying on it and responding to it in creativity?

God is consistent. He is creative. Since he create you in his image, you have the capacity to grow in each area.

Take a step today.

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