My Life with God

My Blessed Mess

20190920_174733I sat on the couch and looked at my living room.

Life gets messy, and many of the messes are comingled with our blessings.

I savored the mess for quite a while, because I savor the blessings that come with it. I get to build a relationship with my granddaughter. I get to watch my daughter grow as a mom. I get to spend time with family on a regular basis. I have a comfortable home to welcome family and friends into often.

Every single one of those blessings and more involve messes, too. Avoid the messes = miss out on blessings. Ignore the messes = miss out on blessings. Never clean up the messes – miss out on blessings.

Choose a healthy perspective to see and deal with the messes = find joy in the blessings.

Some aspects of your life can be tidy – at times. Tidy and organized can be good, because they invite consistency and reliability. But we can become so focused on the need to have things appear to be perfect that we miss out on the joys that come through imperfections. Our relationships will always involve imperfections. After all, we’re the ones that contribute to the imperfections and mess.

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