My Life with God

Spiritual Adultery

photo-1518528751534-7bed4f1dfb31Adultery involves looking outside our committed relationship to seek someone or something to satisfy some sort of need we perceive is not being met well enough within the committed relationship.

How often do we commit spiritual adultery?

Assuming you are in a committed relationship with God, where else do you turn to get something done, feel better about yourself, or satisfy a need? It might be an ongoing habit you’ve developed or scattered choices here and there. In our everyday experiences and interactions, our minds wander. But how long do we sit in those spaces?

What do we allow (perhaps invite) to distract us based on the questions or declarations that help us rationalize or find comfort?

  • Did God really say…?
  • Is God relevant?
  • Does God care about something so small?
  • I’ve got this.
  • That makes sense.
  • It worked for her, so I’ll try it.
  • Maybe God is leading me this way, because he wants me to be happy, right?

A committed relationship works through the ups and downs, the difficulties and doubts. Just because you hit a rough patch (or moment) with God, stay committed and wrestle with him. Ask, share, listen, invest.

He’s certainly committed to you.

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