My Life with God

The Expense Story

photo-1527788263495-3518a5c1c42dOnce a week, I enter receipts into a spreadsheet. I’ve gone through the routine of recording receipts in one way or another for at least a dozen years. It’s a habit that helps me know where the money goes each week. The habit invites monitoring and accountability. But it also invites a glimpse of “where was I, and who was I with” that lets me glimpse some sweet memories with friends and family. As I enter receipts, I think about a variety of conversations. I consider my choices, sacrifices, and service.

How I spend money reflects how I live life. Entering receipts used to be a chore, but it’s become more than that. It’s an invitation to reflect and prioritize. It’s so much more than financial choices. It’s a reminder that all my choices are connected in some way. Sometimes choices strain others, and sometimes they ease them. But there are always connections with others. And for that, I’m grateful.

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