My Life with God

It’s A Beautiful Day

photo-1444309251453-6b95825ea872My Timehop app reminded me of several years ago when I’d posted what a beautiful day is was to take a long walk with my then-husband. It was a bittersweet memory. The current day was also beautiful, but there would be no long walk with a lifelong partner. I could still enjoy the beautiful day. That’s not dependent on another person.

But I like to do life with others.

The next day was different. My Timehop was flooded with memories over many years with my girls. I thought about many of the experiences we’ve shared. Sure, there have been tough times, too, but in the context of the many choices we make to spend time together, listen to each other, and invest in one another’s lives, the memories are rich. I’m so glad there is depth to the beauty in the days we’ve shared. There’s not much surface level. The beautiful days have breadth.

Sometimes I tear up as I glance at Timehop moments, but I keep it in context. I might shed a tear here and there, but I swipe to the next memory or glance again the next day, and I spring back. Most of the time, I hop, skip and a jump through my memories. And all the while, I make more.

Make today count, my friend.

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