My Life with God

This Could Change Your Life

photo-1429198739803-7db875882052As I watched a show of aspiring performers, I heard this phrase often: This could change my life.

They’re right.

Yet I wondered: why do we typically only use the phrase when we hope we’re leaning into something good, when the change we want is good from our perspective? What if we get exactly what we think we want just to find out it comes with costs we didn’t anticipate? What if we don’t get what we thought we wanted, but we end up with people and situations that are deeply rich for us?

We often avoid the things we think might change our lives in uncomfortable ways. We don’t want less or different if it means discomfort.

Change can be challenging and disruptive…and beautiful and productive.

Every one of us will experience change today in ways that we experience as positive or negative. We need to be realistic about our experiences and never turn a blind eye to the health or dysfunction of what is happening but also never turn a hopeful eye to the possibilities.

Today will change your life.

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