My Life with God

Today’s Invitation

photo-1566125882500-87e10f726cdcEveryday, we have an invitation into God’s presence and provision. What do we do with that invitation? Do we decline, accept, ignore? We might think we are accepting the invitation every day, but are we coasting? Do we acknowledge God’s invitation but not fully attend and engage?

We can RSVP but not show up. We can show up but not interact. We can interact but not listen well. We can pick and choose how we engage. We can also claim God is at the center of our days, but we keep him at arm’s length and treat him as a silent partner.

If you value God’s invitation, how will you treat it today? Instead of sticking it on the refrigerator among your other mementos, keep it with you. Stay alert.
Don’t miss out.

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