My Life with God

Over/Under Thinking

facebook_1575073034319The graphic caught my eye on social media. I agree. We can often let our minds dwell somewhere that becomes unproductive. We can get stuck in a quagmire.

However, I don’t know that our mood should be our main concern. Sometimes our mood needs to shift. A happy, content, uplifting mood is not sustainable for a healthy engagement with life. Reality is more complex than that.

But just as overthinking can be a problem, so can underthinking. We need the right balance. We need to use wisdom to know the right amount of processing we need to do through each season. Otherwise, we will avoid what needs to be faced. Or carry a burden we need to set aside. We will avoid the truth that is right in front of us, and if we ignore it, we cannot live authentically with those we love the most.

God created our minds to think. And he gave us emotions. He also gives us the tools and wisdom we need to meld out minds and emotions through the ups and downs of life. It might not seem that way at times. We’ll be overwhelmed, and we’ll be underwhelmed. Instead of letting your preferences or feelings determine how your respond, trust God to guide you.


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