Family, My Life with God

Family Resemblance

20191116_190645My daughters and I sat at the table to eat the dessert one of them had prepared. We encouraged one of their husbands to help himself to the first serving. He cut a piece of the edge, and that opened up access to the middle. Each of my daughters, then I, served ourselves.

That’s when we realized we definitely share a family trait—or habit. We like the middle pieces.

We laughed and laughed, then told stories of other habits and experiences.

Remember the time…?

Of course, not all family resemblances are ones we want to admit or celebrate. Especially this time of the year, we can get a bit frustrated with family dynamics. But we can also look for and celebrate the fun stuff. We can acknowledge and try to shift the awkward stuff. And we can set healthy boundaries that keep us from the yucky stuff that needs to end.

Celebrate the small stuff. Recognize the unhealthy stuff. Be authentic with yourself and others. Set good boundaries—which sometimes means sticking with the middle instead of the rough edges. 🙂

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