My Life with God

The Lights of Christmas…and Life

20191124_205326It was a gorgeous evening to take a walk. Bearably chilly—just right for the beginning of the holiday season. I’d spent the entire day with my daughter and her husband, and I’d need to start home soon, but for a little under an hour, we strolled through a Christmas light display in the park. It is typically a drive through display, but for limited nights, walking is allowed. No car lights or sounds, no limited view from being inside the car, just the sights and sounds surrounding us as we walked. There was a lot to see—so much that we took a second lap and laughed at how much we missed the first time. We also discussed logistics.

How many people were involved and how long did set up and break down take? Where was everything stored? There must be someone with good organizational skills involved. And—look at those electrical boxes—how much electricity does this require?

As we noticed and discussed more than we saw at first glance, I considered how life and relationships are similar. When we are willing to go one more lap, spend a little more time, listen longer, share more, we potentially understand and appreciate more. And we make memories through the process.

The lights were beautiful, and I will remember certain details about them for a while, but making the memory with people I love is even more beautiful to me.

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