My Life with God

Clearly Right or Wrong

photo-1490225767549-5f0b0856e365Things might be clearer than ever before, but they can still be clearly wrong.

I had a discussion with several friends about discernment and how clarity and truth work into it. Discernment isn’t figuring something out or understanding everything. It’s not crystal clear clarity. Discernment might at times involve some clarity and understanding, but it always involves a wisdom prompt. And sometimes that prompt comes when things are still a bit murky. We can see things clearly and be misguided. We can convince ourselves of the reality we want to see.

Certainty doesn’t always coincide with discernment. Discernment involves trust. It goes deeper than the specifics of a situation; it is built in what or in whom we have faith. Trust and faith are tied together, and our discernment flows out of them, whether that flow is quick and unhindered or sluggish or blocked.

Quit jumping ahead without wisdom and discernment. Quit trusting what you believe is clarity, and don’t wait for the clarity you want. Test what you’re trusting and what you’re expecting. Test for truth.

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