My Life with God

Not-So-Smooth Serving

photo-1524257062421-04872383ea43Very little about the preparation process was simple. I bought quite a bit of meat to make for various people with various needs. I would cook the meat in the slow cooker then prepare it in a variety of ways for people. But not much went smoothly. I almost forgot to get the meat on a busy day. I spilled too much seasoning in the crock pot. I tried to fit too much meat. I had to rush to fit preparation into other scheduled commitments. And so on.

Nothing horrible happened. I was grateful for the opportunity and means to help others. But I was also reminded that serving is not convenient.

We find joy in serving when our intentions are pure. We find joy in the sacrifice. We find joy in putting others in front of ourselves. But choosing that type of joy is not an easy process.

I’m okay with that. I don’t thinking serving has to be difficult, but it’s okay when it is.
Serve abundantly—with your heart, time, abilities, and every resource you can reach.

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