My Life with God

The Holiday Miles

79083205_10221429073740127_7425765822175379456_oWe’re just about done with the intense season of several holidays in close proximity to each other. The new year is right around the corner, and we can take a deep breath and start healthier habits or, at least, a more normal routine than the last six weeks.

But I’ll miss one of my routines of those six weeks.

One of my best friends, who lives in another state, told me about the Holiday Mile Challenge she and a few of her friends were committing to try. The goal is to walk/run/bike/ski/whatever a mile a day, beginning on Thanksgiving Day and ending on New Years Day.

It sounded great to me! I’d slacked off and needed a jump start and accountability. Several others joined us, and we had a private Facebook group to share our progress. That group page is now filled with photos of fitness band screens, treadmill and elliptical displays, yoga and other classes, dogs running ahead in the snow, ski lifts, and more—plus, husbands, friends, coworkers, and family.

We also posted our “not today” admissions, including a photo of a beer in a restaurant: “Does this count as a mile? lol”

Let’s be honest: some days are more challenging than others.

I only know one person in the group well and a couple others by the stories she’s shared over the years. I don’t think anyone in the group knew everyone else. But for the past six weeks, we’ve been connected. And it’s been fun.

Oh, not every workout has been fun, but the motivation and connections have been.

I’m thankful for these women. Connections and accountability are essential—not just for a holiday workout challenge but for life. I might never connect with these same women again, but certainly appreciate the brief season in which we have a common goal and interest and walked together—even in different states.

Thanks, HMC group girls!

Challenge yourself to do life with others in this season of your life. It might be a brief connection or a lifelong friendship. Whatever it becomes, invite accountability and encouragement. You don’t have to start with long commitment. You don’t have to start with a mile. A slow stroll can be a good pace for new friends.

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