My Life with God

The Wait

photo-1521805103424-d8f8430e8933As I talked with someone about the wait they are currently in, I thought about the weight they are currently bearing. The two are often related. Our wait can often feel weighty. Regardless of the weight of the actual circumstance, the fact that we have to wait through it seems to add weight.

Too many “waits” and “weights” to read?

Exactly. That’s how the wait and weight often feels. It seems to be too much. It’s confusing and disorienting.

There’s no easy, quick fix, but knowing the two often travel together can be helpful. Sometimes the overwhelming feelings are ever-so-slightly eased because we are reminded they will not last forever. Feelings are not forever. Most situations are not forever. We change, and our lives change. Even when the circumstance remains relatively the same, our attitudes can change.

As the new year begins, realize what is going on today is likely going to continue into tomorrow, if only in trace amounts and ripple effects. But you don’t have to get stuck. Discouragement doesn’t have to last long. And when you are waiting with the right focus and attitude, at least some of the weight will be eased.

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