My Life with God

Friendship Designs

2019-12-28 18.57.13As we do each year, my best friend and I exchanged gifts. She knows me well, and each gift she gave me was a great fit, including a wall decoration. After a brief visit, she left, I close my front door and turned around—and I saw the exact place her gift fit. I grabbed my tools from the closet and hung it, snapped a photo and texted her, “I don’t know if I ever told you this when I moved in, but I knew there was a gap in my wall decorations above my loveseat. As soon as I closed the door and turned around, I knew exactly where I wanted my beautiful butterfly…Thank you.” The butterfly reminds me to “Always say a prayer.”

When friends know us well, even when they don’t know a specific detail (and perhaps neither do we), the gifts they give, words they say, timing in which they reach out seems to fit in surprisingly perfect ways. The gifts of friendship add to our lives. Friendships decorate our lives in ways we appreciate but likely wouldn’t imagine.

But friendships take time and humility. They take effort and sacrifice.

Invest in your friends today. Begin a friendship. Plant and cultivate seeds that will decorate the future.



Exchanging gifts with Tracy, and the sweetness of having a friend who knows me well. The picture that already had a place but I just didn’t have the picture.

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