My Life with God

Unexpected Gifts

photo-1545582175-c31c9c10fe28I received several unexpected gifts the last couple weeks of December. They were not extravagant—at least, not in cost but definitely abundant in thoughtfulness.

One friend texted to ask if I’d be at an event. I would not be in town that night, but she let me know she’d leave something at my house, and I opened it later to find favorite tea and other goodies. Another friend asked if she could drop by work; she delivered a simple gift of pampering. An out-of-town friend had someone else deliver a package to me. I opened it to find a beautiful ornament and gorgeous journal that is just the right fit for the new year.

I would not have thought it odd at all if I hadn’t received anything from them. Their friendships are abundant enough without gifts. But the reminder of the thoughtful friends I have warmed me.

The gift of friendship is extravagant, and at times, it is costly—not materially but emotionally. When we authentically do life with others, we sacrifice time and effort. Our healthy relationships cost something. But the abundance that fills us is a beautiful snapshot of God’s creative provision.

Give to your friendships today—not necessarily materially but emotionally. Be healthy. Be authentic. Be generous. Be grateful.

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