Family, My Life with God


20191222_185554The day I celebrated Christmas with my girls’ families was…full.

I savored each moment and took it all in. I felt as if each moment was overflowing with goodness. Once they left and I was alone in my home again, I reflected on the day. It felt as if I had wrapped my arms around my family—not just physically but relationally. We included each other, shared life together, and made memories—not just that day but as our relationships continue to grow.

There was also a mess involved. Icing and sprinkles littered the floor around the table. Dishes stacked in and around the sink. Empty gift bags were piled on the couch, and gifts waited to be put away. But it was such a welcome mess. I found joy in cleaning. Our first major holiday in my new home, a comfortable place where we can come together and do life and celebrate and make memories and share.

And make messes.

Because that’s what we do with the people we love. We prepare and savor. We appreciate and share. We make and clean up messes. Together.

It’s not perfect, because none of us are, but we do life together, and together can be good when we choose to persevere through the process.

Glance at your process today. Keep moments in context. Broaden your perspective. Savor, clean, and prepare—together. It might be your family; it might be others. But do life together. It can be messy yet overflowing with joy.

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