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Unpacking Christmas

photo-1546617956-e3deefb51d58So much preparation, anticipation, and wrapping goes into Christmas. But there is a lot of effort that follows holidays as well. We fit new things into our lives—the gifts we’ve received. We also find new homes for the effects of interactions we had and perhaps the hurt we experienced, whether it was intentional or not.

How do we handle the aftermath of holiday gatherings as we try to find where it all belongs in our mind, heart, and soul? Do we handle it well? Sometimes we want to shove something in a closet when it would be better handled if we leave it out and intentionally find the best place for it. Should we use it, incorporate it, give it away, store it? Sometimes we place something as a centerpiece and admire or fret over it with too much focus when we need to deal with it and set it aside.

Some of the gifts you received in the past month were wanted and others weren’t—and I’m referring to much more than material gifts. Some of the not-so-great gifts we received through words and actions (or inaction) of people we think should treat us differently result in baggage we need to work through—sometimes with professional help.

The unpacking process is important. Be intentional and persevere through it. The better you deal with it when it’s a fresh pile in your memory, the more accurately you can sort through it and move forward, using what is helpful and setting aside what isn’t.

The unpacking today will help with the gatherings of tomorrows.

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