My Life with God

A Little Maintenance

photo-1533737338828-ebebc30718b3The mini-frig wouldn’t open.

It wasn’t mine, but I witnessed what happened. One person tried to open it and couldn’t. Someone else tried and couldn’t but was more determined to find out why. He forced it open, and discovered it had been frozen shut by a huge chunk of frozen frost.

The frig would not close again.

So, we unplugged it and found a bucket to put inside to catch some of the water. We didn’t have access to towels, and in reality, it wasn’t our responsibility, but…when we returned the next day, we discovered wet carpet. We placed a rubber-backed rug on a nearby tiled area and moved the frig. But…when we returned the next day, we discovered water had saturated the rug and run toward the wall, getting a large box and folded tables wet.

We cleaned it up, and the next day…all was well. Finally.

We didn’t pay attention to the mess throughout each day. We focused on what we were doing. But every morning, we checked and problem-solved the best we could with the resources we had.

The smallest things can create huge issues. From the outside, the frig looked fine. Had we left it closed, it would have been fine—unusable but not a messy problem. But just because you can’t see a problem doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just because you solve one problem doesn’t mean there won’t be another related mess the next day.

There is a mess in your life right now that you might not be giving adequate attention, and it might end up taking a lot more time and effort later on than if you simply deal with it now.

Take inventory. Let God guide you to open and close the doors in this season—today. A little maintenance goes a long way.


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