My Life with God

Be Strong

photo-1471286174890-9c112ffca5b4What the phrase “Be Strong” means has changed over the years. I can’t speak for too many years ago, but in general, the older generation was taught to “be strong” was synonymous with sucking it up and dealing with it internally but not showing the struggle. Perhaps some dealt with things on their own, but many didn’t deal with their trauma and struggles at all. They were too busy surviving and putting on a brave face and dealing with other everyday stuff.

Then to “be strong” morphed into admitting and sharing, and perhaps at times we’ve overshared. The result was different but still not inherently healthy. We ended up either dealing with the pressures and consequences of sharing publicly or getting off track when we got so much affirmation but not enough accountability.

Same challenge to “be strong.” Different stilted approach and different consequences. Both unhealthy.

I hope the next phase of “be strong” is to use wisdom as we determine what is important to deal with, what is important to share, and what is important to set aside. I hope we rely more on God’s wisdom than our own understanding and comfort. I hope we rely more on God’s strength than our own.

The message we receive from culture, mentors, and friends will change over time. The truth and provision we receive from God will not.

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