My Life with God

The Pending Storm

photo-1550143387-52fa147f9c65A winter storm was approaching my area. I checked the radar, and it seemed to creep toward us, then split to surround us as if it was about to swallow us. It reminded me of an attacking amoeba.

Life feels like that at times. While we sometimes don’t see chaos creeping toward us, other times we sense its approach. We can’t control it. We don’t know the full impact it will have on us. But we know something is brewing.

Life can seem chaotic and overwhelming at times not simply because of what we’re in the middle of but what we’re on the edge of. Pay attention. Be alert. Get prepared. And don’t panic.

What is out of your control is within God’s. That doesn’t mean he’ll pause everything that might harm you as if you are in a protective center. There are a lot of simultaneous details happening among his creation. But he can handle it all—even the chaotic storms and their effects. He doesn’t reroute all the storms. He doesn’t place each of us in a protective storm shelter. But he weaves purpose through the chaos. He stitches good through bad. He provides his dependability among the uncertainties.

You can trust him no matter what.

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