My Life with God

A Space of Peace

photo-1484973768669-7fb6b5451095As my friend stood by my front door and prepared to leave, she asked what she could be praying about for me. It’s an exchange we have often. We share our lives, including our struggles and burdens. We celebrate with each other. We have encouraged each other to grow and held each other accountable for many years.

This time, when she asked me about prayer requests, I didn’t have a response—not because there’s nothing to be prayed over but simply nothing so pressing that it immediately came to mind. Perhaps part of it was the long list of friends and family who I had been burdened over, people who filled by prayers.

Her question made me pause. I had a moment of anxiety over not being able to think of anything, because I know I will never be in a place in which I am not in need of prayer. But just as quickly as the moment of anxiety came over me, a sense of peace invaded my heart. Peace not about everything being in place but assurance of God’s presence and purpose in my life. He provides an underlying, pervasive sense of contentment. He also provides consistent prompts to pursue him and seek his goodness in every moment of the day. It all weaves together in a process that involves many shifting feelings and unfailing truth.

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