My Life with God


photo-1512621387945-efb0d554f388We have to be intentional about how we live in order to become who we are capable of becoming. Perhaps this post will serve as a warning or encouragement to you. Here’s a peek into my motivation:

I don’t want to be faithful and grow throughout my life, then get distracted and walk away from God, family, friends, and more. We’ve all seen that happen—people we had no idea were struggling and questioning and straying, living a flip side to their faith life. It’s as if people see a slight flaw in the foundation, so they begin to focus and nearly obsess over it, then pick at it until they compromise what would have otherwise served as a solid foundation. The focus could have been on the what will be and growth would continue while the foundation provides stability.

Instead, the bottom drops out. It is often a huge surprise to everyone but the person who has picked and picked and picked away at the very foundation that is providing support. And even that person often can’t see his or her own role in the breakdown.

Check your focus today, both in the right now and in the someday. Perspective matters.


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