My Life with God

Less Inner Monologue

photo-1508700115892-45ecd05ae2adPerhaps you’ve encountered the recent online conversation about the inner monologue—specifically, who has one and who doesn’t. (Spoiler alert: those of us who have an inner monologue are quite surprised not everyone has one.)

Perhaps we’ve put the focus on the wrong aspect of the communication. Instead of who has an inner monologue and who doesn’t, it’s more important we have an inner dialogue—not with ourselves but with God. As we first communicate, we tend to talk to him. It’s important to share what we’re thinking. As we trust and know him better, we shift into talking with him, giving and taking as any healthy relationship.

Finally, we learn to listen more than talk.

This isn’t about self-talk. It’s about God-talk. The more humbly and thoroughly we learn to listen and yield, the more we can trust what we’re hearing and responding to.

It’s time to grow.

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