My Life with God

When Okay Is Hard

photo-1581333100576-b73befd79a9bI was recently in a situation in which someone close to me said a couple things that confused me, concerned me, and honestly hurt a little bit. I had to rework some of what I thought I was already settled into. And where I ended up resting is even though I am sometimes okay with a situation, direction, or relationship, I might still have mixed emotions about it. The shifts can cause stress to a relationship or situation even if we know that cost is worth the sacrifice and effort. We can be okay with results we know might happen but struggle as we deal with the reality.

If you’re in a situation right now that is in line with what you expected or wanted but is accompanied by adjustments and frustrations, take a breath. Don’t let the challenges get in your way. Deal with each confusion, concern, and hurt as it comes. Be honest and humble with yourself and others. Invest in healthy relationships. Encourage others.

Transitions are difficult, but our lives are filled with them. Growth is not a quick process—individually or relationally.

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