COVID-19, My Life with God

Proportion of Anxiety and Peace

photo-1521016204421-ca6b42a64fd0It’s exhausting to consistently have a low level anxiety. It seems to be a common experience lately. It’s as if there is a hum of concern. There is always something to consider, next steps to take, updated news to sift, challenges to face.

Even a low level anxiety can be overwhelming. A hum can irritate and grow into an consuming annoyance. It seems unavoidable and unfixable, as if we can’t exactly identify the source of the hum, so we can’t silence it.

And sometimes we truly cannot silence it. It is part of the sound of our lives for a season—whether that season is brief or extended. We need to be aware of the hum of anxiety, but we don’t need to let it become our focus. It does not have to set the rhythm of our lives.

Even a moderate level peace suppresses a low level anxiety. What we allow to rise above becomes what we can access most readily. It doesn’t mean the other doesn’t exist but helps with perspective.

What is the proportion of you anxiety and concern with your peace, hope, and faith? I know it ebbs and flows. The answer we want to be able to give isn’t always the one that is truthful. But it’s important to consider the authentic answer.

Assess well. Determine what needs to increase and decrease in your life—in your thoughts and attitudes, use of time, problem-solving. Are you choosing to grow in peace, hope, and faith? It’s not an easy choice. It is an intentional constant.

4 thoughts on “Proportion of Anxiety and Peace”

  1. I don’t know about you, but there has been plenty of texting.. some communication is instructive- How to handle your mail.. other has just been hair-on-fire, world coming to an end bad news. I think I’m going to pick a new verse for the day every day..because after all, as a Christian..I should be a constant source of hope and faith, not just a source of information..regardless of how valuable it may be.

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